About Me

I am Maryam Ghafarinia creator of Glam and Posh, a fashion and beauty blog that reflects my take on feminine minimalism style with a glamorous, chic and affordable twist. I began Glam and Posh at the end of 2015.
As a little girl growing up in Iran, my grandmother, ‘Manji’ (I couldn’t pronounce Maman Joon, Farsi for grandma, so I just started calling her Manji), instilled and taught me that a woman must always be a pillar of strength, grace, and poise. Her dress icons were Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn. As you can imagine, these women have been an influence on my personal life and style since childhood, and I view my blog as a homage to these great ladies that I so dearly admire.

I believe that looking chic and put together doesn’t always have to be expensive. So, I like to mix and match non-label pieces with labels. I always look for unique pieces that you don’t see everywhere, and will update the items I own to make it easier for my readers!

I live in Los Angeles and my goal is to inspire my fans to live a beautiful life inside and out.