My Revamped Hairstyle

revamp hair for fashion blogger short bob

One of the most frighting experience for us women is changing our hairstyle. Am I right ladies? I recently took the plunge and chopped off several inches into a short bob- this is by far the shorted my hair has been. It was a spontaneous decision and I love it!
As some  of you may know, my mom is a hairstylist. I was just visiting her last weekend to make my hair Fall appropriate- as my post Summer hair was damaged from spending time in the sun, salt water, chlorine and air conditioning. So in a bold move I went for a shorter style to refresh and revamp my hair. I love the freshness and youthfulness of a shorter cut. Thank you mom- Zara Beauty– for chopping away and didn’t scare me while bits of hair flew to the floor. In terms of color, I decided to go a little darker which is perfect for Fall. I highly recommend switching up your hairstyle- it’s so exciting, just make sure to do your research and consult with your hairstylist as they can tell you what looks good on you. I seriously can’t stop shaking my hair around. It’s so fresh and I am having so much fun styling it.

17 thoughts on “My Revamped Hairstyle

  1. You look gorgeous and all the more chic, girl! Your mom did a great job! It’s crazy because I’ve loved having long hair for years, but when I became pregnant, I was itching to do a cut like yours, lol! I was thinking about it all the time and I still sort of am. To satisfy my need, I just tuck my hair into my jackets, but it’s getting me used to the way I’d look. Thanks for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!


    1. I am so glad you like the look. I think you should totally go for short hair, by tucking your hair in your jacket, you are already half way there 😉 xx

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