Neutral Nails and Rose Gold Jewelry

Neutral nail colors and rose gold jewelry on hand model and fashion blogger

I just love neutral nail polish colors and recently I am loving the pale pink shades. The color is so girly and timeless, and there are variety of shades that are the perfect neutral color. They go with every outfit and they are always a safe choice for your next manicure. Not to mention they make rose gold jewelry pop. I am feeling so inspired with this fabulous shade lately that I’ve rounded up some pretty pink nail polish colors that I love. Click below to shop!

Neutral nail colors and rose gold jewelry on hand model and fashion blogger

Neutral nail colors and rose gold jewelry on hand model and fashion blogger

26 thoughts on “Neutral Nails and Rose Gold Jewelry

  1. I never thought of matching jewelry to my nail polishe shade but it totally makes sense!! I agree that neutral nail polish shade emphasizes how fragile and beautiful rose gold jewelry is!

  2. Such a perfect manicure ???this nail color is awesome . I always choose neutral colors for my nails. Need to check the site of Rose Gold Jewelry. It’s literally amazing.


  3. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    The Shade of Pink is so beautiful, and ohhh the Rose Gold Jewelry just Amazing:)
    How Beautiful on you:) Loveeeee
    Wish you Happy Week
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  4. I think this shade of pink is my favourite one, it always looks amazing on nails. Your nail design is great, especially these cute silver stars!
    I am a big fan of rose gold jewellery and all your rings and bracelets are so cute, I’m in love!

  5. I love the beautiful neutral colored nails! My go to colors are either red or neutral and the little star detail you added on is so pretty. Those rose gold rings are so dainty and exquisite! I love the snake one with the dazzling eyes.

    xo Sheree

  6. I am a huge fan of neutral polish too. I love the colour you selected as it’s slightly pinker than some other nudes. But OMG – your rings and everything!! I need to get myself that python ring. Gorgeous combination! J. x

  7. OMG love this rose nails babe!!! I never paint my nails in pink but after seeing how pretty it looks I want to made mine lol. Love the stars details too and how you style it with this beautiful jewellery! the rings are so beautiful.


  8. Totally agree with you babe pink nail polish is so girly and feminine and looks good with any outfit.
    And yes it goes with rose gold and I love rose gold jewelry.
    I especially love your snake ring it’s so beautiful yet dainty and pretty.
    Natalia k

  9. I love this nail polish you are wearing! it does make the jewelry shine more. Definitely your hands look super chic!! Is this color from the shellac collection or regular? would love to apply it next week when I go the beauty salon.

    happy Monday! xx. Gina

  10. I love neutral nails too and usually my go-to is white but this pale pink color is really making me want to try it. I am beyond obsessed with these beautiful rose gold rings! That snake one is stunning and I need these pieces! Who makes them? Love the little star details on your nails too! xoxo, Christine

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