Why You should Incorporate Yellow into Your Wardrobe

Fashion blogger wearing a yellow lace top with high waisted white shorts and lace up heels

I recently wrote a post about why you should wear bright colors and how colors affect your mood (read it here) and I talked about the science of color. I have to admit, I am guilty of wearing neutral colors a lot, but now that Summer is here, it got me thinking about how to incorporate the cheeriest of this season into my wardrobe. The science behind yellow is completely natural. This cheery color is associated with sunshine and joy- which makes it the perfect color to brighten up a Summer outfit. This yellow lace crop top just screams sunshine, and the yellow pineapple screams nothing but happiness. Not to look like a giant banana, it’s best to pair your yellow with neutral colors. I went for striped white shorts, lace up heels, and funky sunglasses to add some variety to my looks. Here are a few of my favorites:

Fashion blogger wearing a yellow lace top with high waisted white shorts and lace up heels

Fashion blogger wearing a yellow lace top with high waisted white shorts and lace up heels

Fashion blogger wearing a yellow pineapple top with high waisted white shorts and lace up heels

Fashion blogger wearing a yellow pineapple top with high waisted white shorts and lace up heels

Fashion blogger wearing a yellow pineapple top with high waisted white shorts and lace up heels

31 thoughts on “Why You should Incorporate Yellow into Your Wardrobe

  1. Yellow is supposed to be the happiest color on the spectrum! I don’t wear enough of it myself, but these yellow pieces you are sharing definitely has me inspired to hit the stores and brighten my wardrobe!

  2. I loved your suggestions on how to incorporate yellow into outfits. I love yellow and I definitaley think it is a new black. It’s super stylish and outstanding.

    I loove how you styled these two outfits!

  3. You’re so right. Yellow is perfect. I think it looks good anytime of the year. Especially for spring and summer it is just perfect. The way you styled these shirts are also so cute and I love how you styled those pink sunglasses with the all yellow top. Gives it a great pop of color.

  4. I love the yellow tops for summer, it is so cute and refreshing and fun and lace is the perfect touch. The pineapple print is still cute on the tee, love the puffy sleeves. Can we talk about how cute and versatile the shorts are?! Love the tie details.

    ~ xo Sheree

  5. Color definitely affects your mood and not even just with fashion. I used to be depressed sometimes coming through college and every time I would wear bright eye shadows, I instantly cheered up. I can definitely say the same about clothes as well! Just looking at your looks cheer me up 🙂 You elevated the heck out of that pineapple tee. So much class and style, girl!

  6. You’re so right and I loved your post on incorporating colorninto your wardrobe. I’ve been wanting to do more of that since I read your post. So far I’ve worn a coral top! Haha. I’m also loving the yellow! Especially that lace top! Love the way you paired it.

  7. Girl, you look so gorgeous wearing yellow! I agree with you, the colors we wear often reflect our mood, and each color has a special meaning and connotation. Yellow is a perfect color to rock the season. It conveys happiness, hope, confidence. Your look is a reflection of the quote: “She who wears yellow, trusts in her beauty”
    Have a wonderful start of summer!


  8. Hey Love,
    Hows you?
    Totally agree with you, Love Bright colors and yellow is such a Happy color for me:)
    Your Yellow top super Cute with the short:) Just Love it:)
    The Pineapple one are so cute too:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Day

  9. It’s so true I definitely do feel a difference in my mood when I go for clothes that are more loud! But I feel like it can’t be helped that we always gravitate towards neutrals (especially black) because it just feels much easier to match everything with – and for those days that you don’t want to stand out haha.
    I’m a huge fan of your pinstripe shorts, they look super cute! I’ve been looking for something similar.


  10. I love the pop of yellow in both tops! I tend to shy away from bright colors, but lately I have been loving red! I wonder how red makes someone feel. Maybe powerful? Yellow is such a cheerful color, I can see how it can brighten up someones day.

  11. I don’t wear much colours myself as I’m just like you, guilty of wearing neutrals. I agree, yellow does brightens up your mood and looks beautiful paired with stripes. The top with the pineapple is supper cute and the sleeves are my favourite detail, definitely I would wear it. Both outfits look beautiful on you!
    Aurela x

  12. I’ve been such a neutrals person for the past year and stores are beaming with bright colors. I was really tempted to buy a yellow top from Zara the other day, but I wasn’t sure if I would get much wear out of it. I totally agree with bright colors affecting our mood in a more positive light. Maybe I should head back and get it. By the way, I love those striped shorts! They look amazing on you!

    Maggie S.

  13. I actually love yellow with black and white! Both looks are so pretty girl! Yellow suits you!
    Color definitely affects your humor! I’m guilty of wearing neutrals as well, but now that it’s summer time I agree, time to add some bright colors and fun prints!
    Have a great week ahead gorgeous!

  14. I am totally guilty of not wearing color but this yellow really IS fun and makes a statement! The first lace top is perfect fir a more dressed up look and I love the striped shorts. The pineapple tee with the puffed sleeves is darling and I like the casual-ness of the look. I will definitely look into adding more color to my wardrobe soon! xoxo, Christine

  15. I’ve always wanted to try yellow but was so unsure about that. I’m totally a monochrome even all black person, and I’m very picky when it comes to the particular colour. But yellow is the colour that can be easily mixed with black and still be very elegant and classy. I love the first top, it looks so beautiful. But the second t-shirt is something I would wear for sure. That fluffy pineapple thou looks fantastic. I’m a huge fan of designs like this one.

    Love both looks, but yeah, would go for neutral grey with the pineapple 🙂

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  16. Yes, I totally agree with colors affecting our moods. Yellow is one of the happiest colors to wear, especially in the summer. I adore both of your tops, every single detail is so cute. And I love that you paired the tops with neutral colors. Cuz like you said, we don’t want to look like a banana haha

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

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