Why You Should Wear Bright Colors

Fashion Blogger from Glam and Posh wearing bright blue bell sleeves coat

With our hectic lifestyle today, it’s easy to fall into periods of feeling like you are in a rut. But it’s important not to lose hope and find ways to get back on track. One of the easiest ways to elevate your mood is to brighten up your wardrobe. I’ve read a lot about science of colors. It has the ability to effect your mood- from the things we surround ourselves with to clothes we put on every morning. Red for example, is stimulating, and it’s a great color to put in your office. Pink is a calming color, and it would be perfect for a bedroom. Bright colors evoke feelings of joy and my favorites are yellow and blue. The right color can brighten up your mood and even improve your concentration.
This past weekend I went down to OC to visit my family for Mother’s Day. In the honor of this special day, I decided to incorporate the cheeriest colors into my outfit. The multi-color dress just screams happiness, and the bright blue coat with bell sleeves was just the perfect match for this dress. Some women may feel intimidated to wear bold colors, but in my opinion, these colors are flattering on any skin tone and the fact that they are scientifically proven to cheer you up is just a major bonus!

Fashion Blogger from Glam and Posh wearing bright blue bell sleeves coat

Fashion Blogger from Glam and Posh wearing bright blue bell sleeves coat

Fashion Blogger from Glam and Posh wearing bright multi color dress

Fashion Blogger from Glam and Posh wearing bright blue bell sleeves coat

Fashion Blogger from Glam and Posh wearing bright multi color dress with belt

27 thoughts on “Why You Should Wear Bright Colors

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you on the science of wearin Colours. Love the cobalt blue coat that you are wearing and how it complements the floral prints of your dress is really soothing to The Eye. I really like the wrap around details of your heels!

  2. I’m all about vibrant colours babe!! God made colours to have fun and thats what I’m doing:)
    LOVE this electric blue jacket such a great statement piece and also love how you mixed with the print dress and the shoes!!!! Love your style.


  3. I’m seriously in love with that bright blue jacket with beautiful bell sleeves. It is such a great statement piece. The colorful dress is so pretty too, love the print. You styled this look so perfectly well together.

    xo Sheree

  4. I love how we’ve written about similar topics this week and I 100% agree that wearing colours when you need inspiration really gets you through! Bright colours just make me happy in general and wearing it all the time just keeps me happy and positive!

    Helen xx

  5. I wrote the same post month ago! 😀

    I can’t imagine myself not wearing any color. I’m loving this coat, it’s shape color and these ruffles. I’m totally crazy about them <3

  6. I believe in the science of colors as well and do plead guilty to not wearing them enough. That’s kind of weird as I love bold prints and colors, but kind of like the routines we stick to that you refer to I tend to pick up something easy and monochrome (as that always works right…) Note to self, add more color. I think you made a perfect choice for Mother’s Day with this beautiful dress and that amazing coat to go with it. I love blue in every hue and that bright blue is really gorgeous on you!


  7. I’m always in for adding color to my outfits, actually you can rarely find me wearing black. As you pointed out red, pink and blue are perfect colors to spice things up and the cobalt jacket you wore added such a fun twist to your chic attire! Wishing you a great day! xx


  8. How beautiful are you?! This dress is so pretty! I would have never have chosen this off of an online store but seeing it on you really showcases the beautiful colors and cut! Love that your paired a royal blue jacket with it as well! I go through such phases when it comes to color and right now I’m all about red for Spring! It just makes me happy and that’s the point of wearing color right?!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  9. I absolutely love this outfit, it brings me life! That color jacket looks amazing on you and it is one odf the best colors for the season. I totally agree with you. Colors can reflect our mood. Incorporating bold and vibrant hues you can make your look stand out and take it to the next level, just what you did!

    Have a nice day!


  10. You’re so right! There’s a whole psychology behind it. I really need to use more colors in my daily outfits. I’m always wearing neutrals which make me feel a little blah at times. I’m loving how you paired the coat with the dress. It’s such a gorgeous bold blue!

  11. Hey Darling,
    Hows You?
    Totally Agree with you, Bright and Vivid colors changes our Mood so much and To be Honest, I wear just Colorful Clothes:)
    The Blue Jacket is Amazing:) How Vivid on you:)
    And the Floral Dress sooo Pretty on you:)
    Wish you Amazing Day
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  12. Bright colours can totally change your mood and are fun to wear for spring and summer. I also just came back visiting my family back home. You look so pretty in this colourful spring look. Love the jacket and the way you styled the look. Wish I knew how to wear colours this pretty as you are!
    Aurela xoxo

  13. I totally agree with you on the science of colors, and how colors can affect our mood and energy. You are so right about bright colors like this blue, it’s a beautiful tone with such a great statement. I love that it matches the blue details on your dress as well. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  14. Totally agree with you (and science) about wearing bright colors! It truly helps! I feel like lately I haven’t been wearing enough bright colors so this post is major inspo!
    Love how the floral dress looks with this bright cobalt coat! So perfect for Spring!
    Also, loving your sexy heels!

  15. It’s true! Too often we wear neutrals or just all black because we find it the most comfortable colour to go to, but it’s so important to incorporate colours to our outfit too! It makes it fun and exciting and gives it the pop thag it needs in my opinion.
    I’m a fan of the gorgeous royal blue colour on your blazer, I think it just screams happy!
    A beautiful and put together look, it reminds me I need more colour in my wardrobe haha !


  16. I totally agree that colors can brighten up your mood and take your outfit to the next level. I typically stick to neutrals, but on the rare occasion that I wear color, I noticed that everyone around me notices. This cobalt blue jacket is amazing. Such a statement piece and perfect to tie in that gorgeous floral dress. Your makeup is also so flawless. What a beautiful look! xoxo, Christine

  17. I totally agree – it’s important to wear bright colors – they really do elevate your mood. I love how you’ve matched everything here, it’s such a pretty spring look! I’m definitely borrowing some style cues from here for my future looks. Just looking at your outfit makes me smile 🙂

    XO Candi

  18. I love this bright blue jacket! Such a beautiful statement piece! You styled I perfectly with the more feminine dress!

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