Why You Should Wear Silk

Fashion Blogger wearing a silk robe

When you think of summer clothing, the fabrics that usually come to mind are linen, cotton, or perhaps denim- silk may not instantly pop to mind. But that’s all the more reason to incorporate this luxurious fabric into your wardrobe while the season is still in full swing. Silk is so lightweight and soft and it’s also hypoallergenic for those of you with sensitive skin. It also helps regulate your body’s temperature which means it keeps you cool on a hot day and preserves your body’s heat in the cold. Surprisingly silk is so easy to care for and will retain its beauty for years. That’s why it is so often used in legacy and heirloom pieces that are passed down from generation to generation. It is truly a timeless fabric lending itself to a variety of uses- from button up shirts to cozy bedding, nighties and even formal attires such as wedding dresses.

I recently found this gorgeous silk button down shirt from Lily Silk– they offer variety of silk products. I love this shirt because it’s simple but so flawless and striking. I also got this blush tone robe with a matching eye mask. I feel a little bit sexier in this than I do in my old cotton robe that I otherwise settle for!

It might be such a minor addition to your wardrobe, but you will be able to wear your silk pieces far into fall. Lily Silk has a giveaway on Facebook and you have a chance to win a piece of silk camisole & a silk sleeping eye mask. You can enter here. They pick a winner every two days, good luck!

Fashion Blogger wearing a silk robe

Fashion Blogger wearing a silk robe

Fashion blogger wearing silk blouse

Fashion blogger wearing silk blouse

16 thoughts on “Why You Should Wear Silk

  1. I have always been a lover of silk, but my problem is that I’m always hot, so I never get to fully enjoy it 🙁 The most I can get away with is a silk tank, which I wear the heck out of by the way. Silk does have a way of making us feel sexy and it’s just so smooth against the skin. I am loving that blush robe you’re wearing 🙂


  2. I love silk and yet I don’t own a single thing made out of the material! That robe looks seriously so amazing. I want one for myself to lounge around in the morning haha. It’s so luxe and perfect for summertime.

  3. I love silk! I have so many gorgeous silk pieces that I’m careful to take extra good care of. You look absolutely beautiful in Lily Silk! I actually didn’t know the benefits about silk until just recently. I’ve been debating getting silk sheets again for some time now! Your silk robe is definitely inspiring me to get some PM silk looks as most of my silk collection is pants and tops but nothing suitable to go to bed in! Beautiful and inspiration! Heading over to Lily Silk now!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  4. Hey Love,
    Hows you?
    Love Silk too, My BedSheet is Silk and my Pijamas as well:)
    The Silk Robe Looks so Fancy on you:) Love Love 🙂
    Happy Week
    Kisses Open Kloset By Karina

  5. Love the luxurious fabric of silk. The robe looks beautiful on you, I really like the color. The matching colored eye mask is so cute! I have to check out Lily Silk soon.

    xo Sheree

  6. I love silk for luxurious touch, and definitely elegance in shape and material. Thanks for giving me an idea for I should ask my husband to give as a gift for my birthday. Usually I ask for camera stuff, but I have everything at the moment. I think time for something sexy.


  7. I love silk clothes. And your silk shirt from Lily Silk looks so trendy. I definitely need to check their site for some basic silk clothes. Actually, I have some silky pajamas and underwear, but not wear them too often (it’s quite cold in Russia, and I prefer warm nightwear).

  8. Silk truly is an underrated material, both for men and women, so it makes me happy you lift this material for everyday use as there are so many garments made of silk that I just am longing to wear. It’s not just silk pyjamas or underwear, it’s silk everything when it comes to me. 🙂
    Thomas xx

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