My Everyday Skincare Routine

Beauty Blogger Skincare Routine

I’ve received a lot of emails and DMs from you guys asking me about my skin care routine, so I’ve finally put together a post dedicated to my everyday skincare routine. When I was a teenager I battled with acne and I remember seeing so many dermatologist to help clear out my skin. I’ve used many different products through out the years including prescription products. Although now I don’t have acne anymore, but I deal with large pores and oily t zone. My skincare routine changes all the time specially depending on the weather, but right now I’ve found a routine that works well for me and I hope it can help you guys too.

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A Modern Way to Wear Lace

Glam and Posh fashion blogger Maryam Via, wearing a long lace cover up

When you think of lace, the first image that pops into your mind probably isn’t a long, sheer, cardigan-type piece of clothing. But there are certainly many ways to wear lace and it never really goes in or out of style. From a feminine flirty dress to an edgy choker, there are endless possibilities to incorporate lace into your outfit. Being a true fashionista means being open to experiment with different styles. I wanted to make the jeans and tank top combo more interesting, so I added this gorgeous lace piece. The final look is modern and edgy. To complete the look, I wore my mirrored sunglasses and styled my hair by adding loose waves for a more casual vibe.

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Pearly White Smile with HiSmile


Beauty Blogger Maryam Nia from Glam and Posh using HiSmile Teeth Whitening

As some of you may already know, I used to work as a dental assistant many years ago. Working in the dental industry has made me very aware of my teeth and I always pay extra attention to my smile. I try to keep my smile pearly white and at the same time the health of my teeth and gum is very important to me. I’ve tried many different at home teeth-whitening systems, but always found that the potent formulas were too strong for my teeth and made my teeth very sensitive. Read More

Exploring Los Angeles

Exploring Los Angeles Broad Museum

I feel like I have lived in Los Angeles long enough to call myself a true Angeleno, but that doesn’t mean I’ve seen everything the city has to offer. One thing I’ve learned after living here for 5 years is that there’s a lot more to the city than meets the eye. From cafes and restaurants to museums and theaters, the city offers a lot of excitement. Couple weeks ago, one of my friends was visiting me and recruited me as her guide. I wanted to show her all of my favorite spots. Read More

Elegant Evening Wear

Elegant Evening Wear Sandro Paris Dress

Couple weeks ago, my parents were visiting me here in Los Angeles and we went out for a nice dinner and some of their friends also joined us. It was a delightful evening full of champagne and yummy food. While this was a unique occasion, it got me thinking about special event dressing specially now that we are in Spring! Whether, you are going to an engagement party, your prom or a special dinner date, there’s no denying that shopping can be more challenging for an evening wear versus an everyday casual wear. What color? Scatter dress or A-line? Is high-low still in? I can completely relate, trust me!

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