Styling A Summer Floral Dress for Fall


When you think of florals, normally Fall doesn’t come to mind. But florals happen to be one of my favorite trends this Fall and I had so much fun updating this summary floral dress in to a Fall appropriate way. I am a huge fan of white no matter the season- check out my post on white fall coat here. White is timeless and chic and can be styles many different ways. I added a touch of Burgundy to bring out the colors of the flowers and for more of a Fall vibe.

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Fall Lipstick Shades

beauty blogger picks for fall lipstick colors

When I think of Fall makeup, the first thing that crosses my mind is lipstick. I tend to wear more lip glosses in Summer but when Fall rolls around I love to go for rich colors. Burgundies, brown and even red bold lips are my favorite tones for the season and I think rich lip colors make your whole look more luxurious. Read More

The Timeless White Fall Coat

Fashion blogger wearing a classic white coat for Fall

As much as I don’t want Summer to end, the new season is upon us and that means a new wardrobe. Although it is still very warm in LA but recently its been getting a little chilly at night, which was the perfect excuse for me to go shopping for a new coat. You guys already know that I am obsessed with white, and I fell in love with this white coat the moment I put it on. It’s very feminine and the fabric makes it very unique. Read More

The Most Important Step of My Skincare Routine

glow healthy skin using the right serum by fashion and beauty blogger

Every time I do an Instagram stories, I get a lot of questions about my skincare routine- mainly about the products I use. I have oily combination skin and one of my biggest concern has always been large pores. I have tried many different products over the years from drug store products to really high end products. What I’ve learned is that the price tag is not always an indicator that the product would work for you. It’s about finding the right products that work for your specific skin type. No matter what products I use, I always stick to one simple formula: wash, tone, serum, moisturizer, and exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week.
One step in my skin care routine that has made a huge difference is serum. A lot of people skip this step, but I can’t stress enough how important this step is. The younger in adulthood you start the better. There are many different kinds available for every age group and skin type. Here I have sum up my favorites.

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Neutral Nails and Rose Gold Jewelry

Neutral nail colors and rose gold jewelry on hand model and fashion blogger

I just love neutral nail polish colors and recently I am loving the pale pink shades. The color is so girly and timeless, and there are variety of shades that are the perfect neutral color. They go with every outfit and they are always a safe choice for your next manicure. Not to mention they make rose gold jewelry pop. I am feeling so inspired with this fabulous shade lately that I’ve rounded up some pretty pink nail polish colors that I love. Click below to shop!

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