Classic French Girl Style

Classic French Girl Style for Fall

As the season is changing, I’ve been adding new items to my wardrobe to get ready for the cold days ahead. Although, living in LA, we pretty much have Summer all year around, but I still like to have fun creating different looks according to the season. Ever since I cut my hair- you can read the story behind my new do here- I’ve been so inspired to create a look that is quintessentially French.

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Bold Ruffles

You guys already know about my love for ruffles and I’ve written about ruffles many times before. Even though the season has changed, but ruffles are still one of my favorite trends for Fall. This top by Karla Garzaro is so gorgeous. The piece was designed for me by the fabulous designer Karla herself. It’s lightweight and comfortable ( I even wore it over jeans recently for a date night) and it’s still playful and fun. Read More

What to Wear for Fall Like You Live in LA

fashion blogger wearing leather shorts and long sleeve multi color short and open toe boots for Fall with Strathberry bag

If you live in LA, then you know during this time of the year, it’s hard to know what to wear. Your day can start on the chilly side, then rapidly transition into the warm side and after sunset transition back into the chilly side. So, it makes it very hard to put an outfit together. My recommendation is to wear a skirt or pair of shorts, and pair them with a long sleeve shirt. When it comes to shoes, open toe booties are the best option for this time of year. Not only they are edgy, but they scream Fall.

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My Revamped Hairstyle

revamp hair for fashion blogger short bob

One of the most frighting experience for us women is changing our hairstyle. Am I right ladies? I recently took the plunge and chopped off several inches into a short bob- this is by far the shorted my hair has been. It was a spontaneous decision and I love it!
As some  of you may know, my mom is a hairstylist. I was just visiting her last weekend to make my hair Fall appropriate- as my post Summer hair was damaged from spending time in the sun, salt water, chlorine and air conditioning. So in a bold move I went for a shorter style to refresh and revamp my hair. I love the freshness and youthfulness of a shorter cut. Thank you mom- Zara Beauty– for chopping away and didn’t scare me while bits of hair flew to the floor. Read More

Must Have Boots for Fall

Fashion blogger wearing patent boots for Fall

Even though it’s still pretty warm in LA and it feels like Summer, but Fall fashion is in full swing. Although I prefer warm days, but the one thing I like about the new season is more fun getting dressed and playing with layers. I am really excited to rock some fun trends that I noticed on the runway this season. One of my favorite is patent boots. Although I feel like the patent boots can be tricky, because if they are not well-made they can be a little tacky.

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