The Classic Pencil Skirt with a Modern Twist

Fashion Blogger from Glam and Posh wearing a classic pencil skirt with a slit with a backless white top

Black and white is a timeless combination that will never date. Another classic fashion piece is the pencil skirt and it happens to be one of my favorites. With this look, I wanted to try something different and style the classic pencil skirt with a modern twist. The asymmetrical shape and the orange line on the side spice up the basic black skirt in a whole new way. Not only it’s modern but the high wasted cut makes you appear taller. With high waisted pencil skirts, heels are a must- they give you that lady like edge and also slim your overall silhouette.Read More

Why You Should Wear Bright Colors

Fashion Blogger from Glam and Posh wearing bright blue bell sleeves coat

With our hectic lifestyle today, it’s easy to fall into periods of feeling like you are in a rut. But it’s important not to lose hope and find ways to get back on track. One of the easiest ways to elevate your mood is to brighten up your wardrobe. I’ve read a lot about science of colors. It has the ability to effect your mood- from the things we surround ourselves with to clothes we put on every morning. Red for example, is stimulating, and it’s a great color to put in your office. Pink is a calming color, and it would be perfect for a bedroom. Bright colors evoke feelings of joy and my favorites are yellow and blue. The right color can brighten up your mood and even improve your concentration.Read More

The Best Natural Oils for Your Body


natural healing oils

As the season is changing and we are moving towards warmer days, we are all looking forward to sun, sand and pool side fun. Spending more time outside in the sun, chlorine from the pool, and perhaps salt water can be damaging to your skin and keeping your skin balanced and hydrated can be quite the challenge. As you may already know, I am a big fan of using natural oils on my skin that are ultra hydrating. Natural oils contain less preservatives than most lotions. While I know it can be hard to find the right one for your skin(there are many options out there), I use them daily to give my skin a radiant and healthy finish.Read More

Flowy, Ruffles and Bold

Fashion Blogger Maryam Nia wearing white ripped distressed jeans and ruffle bold white shirt in downtown LA

I absolutely love Spring! As the weather starts to warm up, it feels like a new beginning, a chance to start fresh, set new goals and my favorite part- add new items to your wardrobe. Adding new pieces creates an opportunity to have fun with fashion with bright and fun Spring pieces. My readers know that Zara is one of my favorite clothing stores; they have amazing selections of trendy clothes for a reasonable price. Read More

How to Style a Statement Bag


Fashion Blogger Maryam Via from Glam and Posh wearing all white outfit with navy blue bag

In my opinion, accessories make an outfit. They are a great way to dress up or down your outfit. I’m in love with this navy blue bag with gold details. Sometimes all you need is interesting details and colors to make a look pop. I am currently obsessed with Cocovann handbags. Because each bag is unique and has such fun details, they are the perfect way to top off your look, which could otherwise be plain without a fun accessory. Read More