Casual Cool Style

casual cool style wearing white coat and pink beret

Today is day 5 of New York Fashion Week. It’s so exciting to be here during this time as the streets are flooding with fashionistas from all over the world. One aspect that I’ve always admired about New York’s fashion and even sometimes in California, is the casual cool style of dressing. There’s something to be said about carrying an attitude that’s effortless and translating that attitude into your outfit.

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Valentine’s Day

valentines day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is one holiday that gets mixed reviews.  Some people love it and plan for it weeks in advance, and some think it’s a bit overrated. I am a big believer in celebrating your significant other, and I think Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get dressed up and celebrate your love with your significant other, or even with your best girlfriends. I fall into the second category this year. Since I am single, I am celebrating Valentine’s Day with my best girlfriends. We are going to celebrate the weekend after the 14th, as I will be in New York for Fashion Week on Valentine’s Day.

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Healthy Skin During Winter

tips for healthy skin during winter

My skin has been feeling so dry lately. Usually, during winter time the skin tends to suffer. But this winter my skin has been really dry- more than usual. So, I decided to do some research on how to up the skin game and tried out different products and techniques. Read below on some tricks so you can also have healthy skin during winter.

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Styling a Statement Faux Fur Coat

fashion blogger Maryam Nia wearing a statement faux fur coat by Nasty Gal and suede skirt

The weather has been so unpredictable in LA. Last weekend it was almost 80 degree and now it’s getting cold again. Although I am not really a fond of cold weather, but there’s one thing that I like about cold weather and that’s getting bundle up in a statement faux fur coat. I absolutely love a statement coat. check out my other post on statement coats here. You can be wearing the most basic outfit underneath, but a statement faux fur coat will add a pop to your look and at the same time it keeps you warm.

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New Year with New Workout Gear

fashion blogger wearing workout gear for new year on the street of Los Angeles

The beginning of the new year is such an exciting time when you look forward to new goals. You start the New Year fresh after holiday parties, lots of yummy foods and perhaps lots of champagne. One of the most common goals on many people’s resolution list is getting back in shape. I’ve already signed up for Pilates classes and ClassPass-to try new workouts- and ready to get back to my workout game in cute new workout gear, of course!

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